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Under current Accounting Standards Codification accounting guidance, companies are now increasingly required to use fair-value accounting practices on assets and liabilities on their books. We provide a growing list of tools to help companies cope with the ever-changing rules.

For Hedge accounting we have the Hedge Accounting Tool to compute Ineffectiveness and track the performance of up to five Hedges for a single base instrument. This tool also calculates fair value for each instrument with monthly inputs for market and contractual interest rates and user selected 'As Of' dates for valuation.

The Goodwill Impairment Analysis Tool is a good example of the tools we offer to aid our customers comply with ASC guidance. This Tool provides the key features to help companies comply with ASC 350 (formerly FAS142). This rule has been in effect since 2001 but companies are required to review their goodwill annually and this tool provides analysis and tracking features to streamline this task.

Another example is the Effective Interest Model (to implement ASC 310-20). This Model provides a level yield for lenders, borrowers or purchasers of loans to use to verify their monthly amortization of loans and/or debt instruments. Our Fair Value Model provides you with the ability to value interest bearing investements or instruments against market yields to comply with ASC 820 (formerly FAS157).

Or our Lease Management Tool to compute straightline and deferred rent amounts (to comply with FSP 13-1).

We also provide consulting services to assist with specific rule implementation. This includes helping companies develop their assumptions and to produce supported analysis and evaluation. Please contact us at for details.



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