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Installation Instructions for SOX404/FDICIA/Internal Controls Tools

Our SOX404, FDICIA and Internal Control Tools all use the self-extracting compressed archives for download. This file format provides an easy way to access the individual template files. See the below sections for specific instructions for either method.

You will first need to download the installation package file to download directory on your desktop or network. You should select a directory that is easy to access for later package installation.

Downloading and using Self-Extracting Compressed Archives

Simply save the .EXE file to a known directory by clicking the link from the download page and clicking the 'Save...' button (see Figure 1). Select you directory to save the file in the Save As window and click 'Save' (Figure 2). Once the download is complete, open an Explorer window pointing at that directory: for example D:\downloads where D is a local or network drive.

Select the .EXE file for the downloaded model or tool (for example, the SOX 404 Tool packageis named 'sox404-tool.exe'). Double-click this file in the Explorer window using your mouse or other pointing device; the file extraction tool will open. Simply select a directory to save the files in the package (see Figure 3). The extractor will simply copy the files in the archive to the specified directory including the stored sub-directories.

When the installation is complete. You should now open Excel and set your Macro security level to Medium following the instructions provided on our support page.

After you have set macro security, simply go to your Start menu and open the program group. Select the Excel template to open and start using your tool. You will need to 'Enable Macros' to allow the tool to function.

Please refer to the documentation if you have any questions on how to use the tool, description on how the tool functions or other details.

Figure 1
. Download file to your local machine. Click the 'Save' button to prompt you to select a directory to save the installation package.

Figure 2
. Specify a directory to save the file and click the 'Save' button to start download to the selected directory.

Figure 3
. Specify a directory to extract the contents of the archive and click the 'Start' button to copy the files in the package to the selected directory.

To un-install the software, simply find the directory that the files have been extracted to and delete that directory and all of the files in Explorer (we recommend backup of all files prior to deletion).

Additional Help is Available

Should you need additional support, we can establish a support agreement for you to provide specific technical assistance. We can also provide dedicated consulting services to to support you with your SOX or internal controls implementation. This includes helping companies develop their assumptions for expected volatility, term and forfeitures, and assisting in the determination of the expense to be recorded by period. Please contact us at for details.


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